Bully Stick / Pizzle 25 x 150mm 6 inch long Thin Pizzle Free Postage


Pizzle Sticks

Thin pizzle 

under 10 gr per stick

25 x Pizzle 

150mm 6 inch Long

Pictures are of the Pizzle 

This thin to medium thickness variety are ideal for small to medium dogs. 

(Larger dogs may prefer the thicker sized treats (bully sticks) for a longer lasting snack.)

 Beef Pizzle is a thinner version of Bully Sticks come from the penis of the Steer.

 bully stick is from  Bulls and thicker

Australian  Stick / Pizzle  

Dehydrated  Pizzle in Bags of 25

$32.99 for 25 and

Free Postage

Australia Wide